Ongoing research

Meaningful moments of interaction with people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities

This PhD research investigates the quality of meaningful moments of interaction between support staff and people with profound intellectual (and multiple) disabilities (PI(M)D). The project uses different research methods to explore these meaningful moments of interaction from the perspective of both support staff and people with PI(M)D: what makes a moment of interaction meaningful to them? What characterises these moments according to them? The aim of the research is to make the relatively abstract concept of ‘meaningful moments of interaction’ more concrete and transferable, and, on that basis, to provide support staff with tools to recognize and create meaningful moments of interaction more easily.

  • Drs. Wieneke Penninga
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  • Prof. dr. Petri Embregts
  • Prof. dr. Hedwig van Bakel
  • Dr. Lex Hendriks
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