Completed research

LFB to the top!

The Dutch national advocacy organisation for people with intellectual disabilities, LFB, has developed a training programme called ‘To the Top’. The training programme, consisting of four training courses, focuses on personal growth and development of people with intellectual disabilities. In the first training course, both coaches and experts-by-experience are trained to train people with intellectual disabilities.  Using both individual and group interviews with ‘To the Top’ participants, this study examines the impact of participating in the training programme, including being employed as an expert-by-experience peer trainer.

  • Dr. Marieke Westerman
  • Mireille de Beer
  • Dr. Sanne Giesbers
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  • Mireille-de-Beer-portret
  • Sanne-Giesbers-portret
  • Prof. dr. Petri Embregts
  • Dr. Noud Frielink
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  • LFB2