Completed research

Experiences of people with intellectual disabilities, parents, and healthcare professionals during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic profoundly changed the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and healthcare professionals. The lockdowns and preventive measures – including staying at home and practicing social distancing, as well as visitation restrictions at care facilities – had a major impact. During the first lockdown in the Netherlands in Spring 2020, the AWVB conducted several qualitative studies examining experiences of people with intellectual disabilities, their parents, and support staff. Moreover, these groups were interviewed several times over the course of the pandemic about the impact of Covid-19.

  • Laura Vromans MSc
  • Dr. Marieke Westerman
  • Dr. Kim van den Bogaard
  • Dr. Sanne Giesbers
  • Luciënne Heerkens
  • Drs. Marloes Thalen
  • Dr. Tess Tournier
  • Prof. dr. Petri Embregts
  • Dr. Noud Frielink