Ongoing research

Expanding and scaling up methods to reduce involuntary care

The Care and Coercion Act (in Dutch: Wet zorg en dwang) was introduced to further improve the balance of freedom and safety in the support for people with intellectual disabilities in the Netherlands. In collaboration with UNO Amsterdam, the AWVB has developed an online tool, the Assessment Framework (in Dutch: Wegingskader Cliëntperspectief), to support healthcare professionals in reducing involuntary care. This resource helps them to account for the service user’s perspective on freedom whilst providing care and support. It also encourages healthcare professionals to consider alternatives to involuntary care. The study examines the implementation and effect of this resource within participating service providers.


  • Dr. Noud Frielink
  • Noud-Frielink-portret
  • Prof. dr. Petri Embregts
  • Prof. dr. Carlo Schuengel
  • Petri-TU-portret
  • CarloSchuengel